I am a revealer,

       my work can take various forms in terms of media, such as weaving, printing, glass working, books and stories. All of them are asking for a certain craft knowledge. I really enjoy working close to the material. But even more, I like to hack the technique, to find this shadow area that ‘no one thought about’. Work along with it, to lead me to discover new things. The works are sometimes scraping the surface of magic, and leave the viewer in doubt and contemplation.

        A main topic that comes back in my work, is the idea that we live in a very rich world, where there is more to be seen than what we take for granted. I celebrate the act of smart observation and use of craft, to create magical moments. Through the material or the idea, I invite the viewer to dig deeper than the surface, enjoying to perceive things in a different way, to discover new realities, new ways of understanding the world, new links to make between things.