Narrative Spaces

       An ongoing research on the relation of a space and a story. I am looking at how a space, with a certain atmosphere, vibe, can create for the viewer the feeling of being in a world, a story, without using any words. All the projects documented below, are tests, drafts, researches.

1.  Breaking down spaces in several layers, such as ‘the carpentry’, ‘plants and animals’, light’, (…). The places are then linked to a story, which is, itself, created by layers, each of them being linked to a layer of the room/space.

2. Book Space Study Vol.1 is a research and study on the different type of spaces, an attempt to order them, to analyze them, to understand how they work in the context of narrative power.

3. Glazed glass plates representing places (doors, tiles, walls, corridors..) tested on photographic papers as photograms.

4. Weaving built in the such a way that the weft remains absolutely invisible and hidden ‘inside’ the structure of the warp. (see techniques>trapped weaves). It creates areas of invisible space, as secret rooms, hidden corridors etc..

Split spaces; 2017
Lithography inspired by Les Bains d’Asnière of J.R Sevellec, 5 layers, 40x60cm/ Transparant papers A3; black marker/ Book 21x14cm

Book; 2017

Glazed glass plates; 2018
several sizes, less than 15cm; glazed glass

Weaving; 2017
12x150cm; cotton