The mirror

       A Mirror is a good concealing device because it is never really seen. A wall, hiding the entrance to a secret corridor, can be observed and analyzed, until one discovers the hidden door handle. On the contrary, with a mirror, one sees only what it reflects, but never really the object in itself.
I created an apparent old mirror, full of stains, that holds actually drawn images. However, they are not visible with the naked eye. When the light is being directed onto the mirror itself, the images will appear as a projection. The drawings don’t show thanks to ink, neither paint, but drawn by the shadows. The viewer can direct the light and the projection, to navigate in this world of shadows, unfolding in front of their eyes.
       It is a way for me to look into the shadows, into what wasn’t supposed to be seen. Instead of being contented with what is shown to us, and especially, our own reflection.
       This research led also to an essay ‘To Conceal’, in which I study concepts such as light, shadows, the perception of reality, technology, art and sorcery. I am unfolding some phenomenon of our modern society, looking through the lens of concealment.

100×80; Zinc plates; Silk paintings; Light