An apparent standard glass sheet out of which appears a souvenir when projecting light on it. Only the souvenir owner and his close entourage know how to « activate » the object and what it means. (instead of being stuck forever on a photograph of which the souvenir slowly fades away through the generations).
       The technique used for this project is inspired by the crypto-Christians. They were Christians during the Edo period in Japan, where Catholicism was forbidden. During the night some believers were secretly projecting a cross or a figure of Jesus, while lighting up an engraved mirror to a wall, to still worship their God.

Transformation steps:
The picture is first engraved on plaster. The glass piece is then put on top of the plaster, both are heated. The glass piece will melt onto the engraved plaster, just enough to modify its inner structure without changing its outside shape. When the light will go through this plate, the irregularities caused by the melting process, will create shadows.

10x15cm; glass