Darkness and light

       Research inspired by the work of Congolese essayist, Joseph Tonda, and more particularly, an essay about the controversial Brazza Mausoleum, in Brazzaville, Congo. According to Tonda, forces of light and shadows, darkness and sorcery are entangled around this building. He states that when something is shown, in the light, something else is simultaneously put aside, in the shadow. In the case of the Brazza Mausoleum, these shadow areas are hosting, according to Tonda, sorcery and devilish forces.
       The text is full of photographic vocabulary, “light” , “shadow”, “negative”.. which has inspired me. Using a pinhole camera, I tried to enlighten areas that usually remain in darkness. These photographic try outs were presented together with an audio podcast about J.Tonda’s essay.

​approximately 35x50cm, light-sensitive paper exposed with a pinhole camera