Animals experiencing Time

       Created after a research on Time, and more precisely, on Calendars, Animals experiencing Time is a proposition to understand time, and how we perceive it. Unlike us, animals do not deal with time with tools such as hours, weeks…


« “One hour” is something we all can all visualize, but that doesn’t exist beyond our species. It is a man-made rhythm that allows us to plan events and moments or to remember them. 

As if we were able to stop Time to run and Space to expand, we “reserve” time periods, “book” moments “for” (.. ourselves, the two of us, to relax, work…). 

How is it for a stag? To rush headlong in life without any time marker? Put time in sequence also allows one to be reassured, to make moments pass shorter “come on, in two hours you’ll be on holidays” or to try to delight in each moment  “I can’t believe tomorrow at that time you will be gone“. How is then, to be sick, to have pain, to be fully satisfied, while not having a clue for how long it is going to last? And how is to face what happens to us? How to grant those things importance, not knowing if they are eternal or ephemeral ? How is it for the stag? For the fox? For the termite? Which are moving forward in space and living in time without the illusion of having a control on it. Which force moves them and which courage inhabit them to persistently dive into events of which they know neither head nor tail?

 The Earth will be turning around its star for still a very long time. Such a long time that it is absurd to try to imagine it. Still these light and dark moments will repeat, every “twenty-four hours” and these climate changes will happen at every “seasons“. In a gigantic chaos, black, and deaf to our little human recipes. 

120x80cm; Etching, aquatint

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